those things


tight jeans double d’s

makin me go whoo whoo…



When you are enmeshed in the stresses, deadlines, social-climbing, and competitiveness of architecture school (and in some cases, architecture career) it is easy to misplace priorities.
The slippage started when I chose to make a career out of what I love to do. I have the immense opportunity to do professionally the thing that I love, reading about and making architecture. I do not forget how privileged this makes me. I am glad I chose it and that I am able to do it.
But a split started to happen. I put in all this time on school work. But both I and my critics are dissatisfied with the results. To keep myself engaged, I took on design projects outside of school – on my own terms and willfully selected. I’m very proud of those projects. I do good work when I do the work I want to do. I do my not-so-great work when I don’t believe in a project, yet am still invested just enough in the ideas behind it to not be able to pump out content for the sake of pumping out content and getting assigned tasks done. I guess I could "work on it." They say, I’m not sure I want to, though.
It is easy to start to believe that you must sacrifice family, friendships, love, and community for the sake of the all-consuming and perpetual charette.
It is easy to get brainwashed when you’re told that your priorities are wrong when you have to prioritize family and relationships over your work. That this is proof you’re not committed to your profession. That you aren’t a "real" architect." That you’re soft, that you aren’t cut out for the job.
It’s so funny how you can put academics & career first. Because I have to – it’s expensive, this degree. Treat even people I love very much as if they are less important than What I Am "Really" Doing with My Life. Forget that loved ones (individuals and communities) are the reason that I wanted to get into this profession in the first place.
I do not want to live in a world designed by people who don’t know how to LIVE. I do not want to live in a world built up by people who work 80 hours a week and subsist on coffee and ambition. Do we really want to live in buildings designed by people who don’t think it’s important to enjoy life? You know. The people who render giant plazas with no people, the people who like architectural photography with no people.
I want to live in a world that is designed by people who love other people and who love life and living. I love life and design accordingly.
This is an ASSET to my architecture career, not a distraction.


true flow

my soul is a dark dark place

and my soul is alone…

alone here.

my soul is a lonely lonely one

and I cannot creep away…numb

I seek the light, to…

escape from this murky place

the familiar dark i now embody…


my soul is a cold cold place

and my soul is a chilly…

chilly place.

my soul is a forlorn forlorn place

and I cannot scale its pits…sore

I peek at the top, to…

flee from this bleak hole

the dead pit i now feel…


for my ……


now i need to get some drawings done…

need to wash away this dark…


Here’s a little story I’ve gotta tell
Bout this girl I know so well
Back in the day was cool and all
Fell in love, I fell in love
Thought she was the one for me
Other girls I could not see
And look what happened to our love
I’m like how could it be?
It should have been me and you
It could have been you and me
but i broke her heart and now I’m standing here
It should have been me and you
It could have been you and me
Now I look at all these photographs

All I’ve got are these photographs

All I’ve got is nothing without you

Now baby it’s killing me
I’m saying it’s killing me
The fact that i wasn’t around
Baby I’m falling down
I need me a remedy
Been looking for remedies
And baby I’m hurting now
I know i can be a better man
This land is a better land
(When you’re in my world)
If it were like yesterday

All I’ve got are these photographs

I remember when I used to make you laugh
I don’t wanna be stuck in the past
But you’re all that I have that I had

This is me and you, you’re my superstar
I’d give anything, baby here’s my heart
My heart, my heart…

My heart don’t stop, my heart be beating over
My loving never stop, even though that it’s over
Girl I’ve been reminiscing when I play that Casanova
Way back when we was kissing on my bunk
Girl I got this lovey dovey in my photo album
I got them pictures back when it was night

Why couldn’t I be the one
Why, Why,
Why couldn’t you be the one
Why, Why,

All I’ve got, all I’ve got
Is nothing without you
All I’ve got are these photographs…
All I’ve got are these photographs…


where is the flow?

how could she do this to me

i woke up, smiled at her,

and what does she do?

bitch slap me and spit in my face.


let me get to lunch first

then you can scorch me.

are you trying out some new microwave or oven

last i heard, you tried out the fridge

look how bad the dinosaurs got that

i bet they didn’t see that bitch slap coming.


ha-ha…this is crap.

who is she


she was my girl

now shes not

i was her guy

now i suck…

what is a day

is it one like this?

where the soul can feel no prose,

where the heart can beat no more,

just the stale auto tune set out.


what is today’s soundtrack?

is it the shallow whining from shaggy,

or the ethereal techno from dj steni,

the bubblegum s@#t from Sean Kingston

it gets boring when you replay


is a day replay

do you make the playlist

or is it capital fm’s playlist

i would jump out of the window

but its on the ground floor

i guess i will make do with my neighbors’ playlist…


f@#k his playlist, am taking a walk…


no flow.

lantern meet


amazing poetry, humor, fun and presentation. from the street graffiti backdrop to the club theme the stage was set. it was time for the poets to do their thing. most of the poems were cool save for some of the accents that made listening to some strenuous. poetry is cryptic already without try to complicate the accents, but either way, it was cool.

a few errs from the audience that should not happen at the next lantern meet, and i cant wit for next year. maybe they should make it bi-yearly,if you will let me use the word. like the dude that starts explaining the poem to his friend when it is half way into the poem, kill me. and he giggles, ha-ha, that guy kyoka is very funny, he just said….blah…blah…blah…poof. i think that was my head.

or the dudes that decide to leave half way into the poem recital. i feel for the poor soul on stage doing her thang. i hope the light guys blinded her enough not to see ten guys run out at once, you would understand if it were girls, they have that communal peeing thing going on for them.

is it the tic or toc of the clock

or is it the space of time

the laugh at morning-day

the hug at mid-day

or the drink at late-day


is it the show by the sun

or is it the motions of time

the tie knot made early-day

the gulp of fruit at half-day

the stagger from out at night-day


is it the black and white

or is it the dark and night

the grumble at day-break

the sweat at break-day

the exhaustion at end day


what is a day

you tell me

its motions…

its space…

its times…



some architecture graphics work…just felt some of it was cool…you can tell me


car design inspired by my study of wind flow and some Photoshop…

the graphics need some tweaking…


final 1

final designs…

and you all thought architecture school is about designing buildings.


m.OR.e    f.LOW